The Voltrelli APP is available on Android and iOS.


Aplicatia EvConnect



Select the charging station and socket from the app 


Select a station from the list of nearby stations or select the station from the list or map.


If there are multiple stations / sockets in the same location, please check that the station you want to use is the one you have selected in the app.



Select time or amount of energy (optional) - Start


If you select time and quantity (kWh), the lower value will be executed. 


Ex.   20 min and 50 kWh will stop the station after 20 min.   

120 min and 5 kWh - will stop the station after 5 kWh. 


Follow the steps to connect the cable to the machine.



Charging will stop when the set limit is reached or when the battery is full. 


You can stop your session at any time from the mobile app. 


If you stop the loading session before the set limit is reached, the difference in money will be returned by the bank as soon as possible.

  9 +

Years on the market

  35.000 +


  500 +

Charging stations in the network